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The Axiom Business Book Awards are the largest and most respected critical guidepost for business books in today's new world of publishing. These prestigious and competitive awards are presented in 23 business categories and serve as the premier list to help readers discover new and innovative works. Axiom Award-winning books will help readers understand changing trends and technologies affecting the business world and point out opportunities in our complicated new economy.


the awards are now closed, and judging is underway. 

best of luck to all the entrants!


Final deadline is January 21, 2021. 
Books with 2019-2021 copyrights are eligible to enter.
To enter with a credit card, use the Enter Online link;
to pay by check, print out and mail in the Printable Guidlelines.
There is a ten-day grace period for books to arrive after the Jan 21 deadline.  Judging begins February 1st and results will be announced on about
March 16, 2021.  Best of luck!

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The Axiom Book Awards are the go-to list connecting readers with high-quality business books that provide information and ideas critical to success in today's competitive marketplace. Today's consumers want to learn about, shop for, and buy books beyond the model of traditional writing and publishing. Today's world of business publishing gets new ideas and trends to readers faster and more economically. With Axiom Business Book Awards, you know you will be buying the best, cutting-edge business books. 

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Who can enter

Authors and publishers throughout North America and overseas publishers who publish English-language business books with a 2019-2021 copyright or that were released since December 2018, and that are intended for the American market may enter. Print-On-Demand and other independent authors are welcome to enter their books themselves.