Recognizing and Promoting the World's Best Business Titles


Who enters the Axiom Awards?

All publishers are eligible, ranging from large multi-title publishing houses to small one-title publishers. Publishers can be throughout North America and overseas publishers who publish English-language books. Authors are welcome to enter their books themselves.

Are awards programs worth the money and effort?

Entering your titles in an awards program does take a little time and money, but the possible payoffs include financial reward, personal satisfaction, and prestige. Awards are a great morale boost for all those involved, and they influence reviewers and buyers. The gold seal prominently placed on the book cover often captures the buyer’s attention and leads to higher sales. For example, one of the winners in our inaugural Independent Publisher Book Awards contest reordered 6,000 IPPY stickers for their latest print run. The book (originally published in 1996) keeps on selling, thanks in part to that gold seal on the cover.

What sets the Axiom Awards apart?

The Axiom Awards are 100% dedicated to identifying the best English language business books published each year. The Axiom Awards are the only U.S.-based award contest focused solely on business books. Winners appear for an entire year on the Axiom Awards homepage. Winners will also be featured in Independent Publisher and highlighted prominently in our monthly newsletter, which goes out to more than 20,000 subscribers worldwide, many of whom are agents, buyers, and librarians. Winners are also highlighted in press releases sent out to publishing and business media shortly after the announcement.



If I enter the Axiom Awards online, how do you judge my books?

We designed the online entry system to make entering the Axiom Awards more convenient, but you still have to ship the books to us or send a PDF to digital [at]

If you ship we suggest (but don't require) that you send a trackable package. Please include the online entry receipt with the books if possible or a note listing contact and category information. By entering online there is a digital record of entry, so we can match up if books are sent from a warehouse. Please send in two copies per title per category for your entries. The copies are distributed to judges who specialize in business books.

Do the judges read every book from cover to cover?

Awards judges are very good at assessing a book’s quality, much as a buyer at a bookstore or library determines whether or not to purchase. The further a book makes it into the judging process, the more likely it will be read completely. Send an e-mail to Amy Shamroe, Awards Director, at with any questions.